Our Methodology
At OrdenenCasa we offer professional solutions that will allow you to optimise and rationalise inefficiently used spaces in your home or office.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Telephone conversation to schedule consultation session

Step 2: Appointment in home/office for a consultation of approximately 2 hours in which we determine objectives, duration of project and tentative implementation date. This visit has a charge of 35 €. The information will be analysed and used to elaborate a project estimate, which could include additional services -if required- (i.e. purchase/ installation of fixtures, etc...)

Step 3: Approval of project estimate.

Step 4: Implementation of project on agreed date.

Step 5: Elaboration of a specific maintenance program if client wishes.


  • 30% of total project to be paid upon acceptance
  • Remaining 70% to be paid upon completion
  • Payments to be made in cash or by bank transfer
Should additional fixtures be required, there are two options:

  • Client sees to it and has material available on agreed date
  • OrdenenCasa takes care of the purchase/shipping of material by agreed date. In this case there will be a 40 € service fee. Both the service fee and fixtures are to be paid in advance.

OrdenenCasa also undertakes projects outside the Madrid area: second homes, cottages, beach houses, etc...

Above prices do not include V.A.T.